Why Russian Wife?

russianwifeYou will be taken by surprise to find out that the major part of the women looking for a life-time partner at European matrimonial web sites are Russians, while other European nations are posting their ads at dating websites. This shows that Russian women prefer sites that foster the marriage and are genuinely interested in creating a family.

You may start wondering why a Russian wife? The answer is rather evident and simple, these women are homely and family-oriented then the rest of the girls from Europe and the USA, Canada or Australia. As a rule, these ladies put their families prior to anything: career, interests, etc.

The spreading ideas of feminism and gender equality maybe will considerably diminish or even kill to the root these phenomena, but still the beautiful women with priorities of husband and children still predominate at our age. Men from all over the world are lucky to find there is such a great selection of women of this kind; they just live in another country. Many of the men have found all they have been searching in one woman: fidelity, intelligence, femininity, beauty, sharp mind, passion, loyalty, loving heart, kindness, understanding, numerous skills and talents, willingness to learn, romantic nature and very important ability to sacrifice and adapt to new conditions and situations. These women have it all; a great wish to love and be loved, create family, take good care of kids, make their husbands happy, being a smart life-time companion, supportive and caring friend, passionate lover, caring and loving wife and skillful housewife, isn’t that all you have been dreaming about for a stress-free harmonious family life?

Russian wife is feminine and never aggressive or abusive as her “masculine” Western counterparts. Still you will never find her silly or submissive, she will always stand up for herself and her rights when the injustice happens.

The secret of such qualities of Russian women lay in their upbringing. These women are looking for a happy ending of their search of a prince on a white horse. A ‘happy end’ is a must for them. They truly believe in a marriage for a life-time and one partner, one lover and one husband. They are all or nothing type.

If you are looking for a life-time partner, harmonious marriage and happy family then choose a Russian wife, and you will never regret it! The only downside of such a choice can be the jealousy of your neighbors, friends and colleagues at work, but who really cares when you are so happy in love?!))