What do Russian Women Expect from Men?

Many Western and European men are interested if Russian women are demanding or not. Well, to some extend yes and no. They are demanding as every human being, they have their needs to be met, and no, because they are self-giving, enduring and patient. They are ready to give themselves to their husbands and families, if a Russian woman loves; she loves unconditionally, sacrificing everything for her family.
In tough situations Russian women become as hard as rock and are very enduring, however, at the same time they look for a strong man to take care of them, whom they can feel a weak woman with. This lies in their feminine nature. So, with the right men Russian women become fragile and tender. From man Russian girls expect support, leadership and protection.
The feature that makes Russian women stand out amongst women of many other countries is that they are by no means feminists. Russian women are proud to be women and like their womanly nature. They like to be elegantly dressed, take good care of themselves, and think of appropriate shoes, bag and accessories to their whole look. Every Russian woman is stylish and spends much money to look great, disregards of her income.
From psychological point of view Russian women differ from European women, they are more open and are not reserved. If a Russian woman chooses a man to live with, their lives become tightly interrelated for a Russian woman and she will never cut herself from the problems of her man. However, she would expect the same back from her man.
Russian women are very family-oriented and would like a man be family-oriented too. The men should love children, must earn well and share home errands with their wives. Russian women are great housewives; they just want your help to feel your attention and love.
Many Russian women would go through hard living conditions with a man they love, they just need to see a strong man by their side.