What do Russian Women Expect from Men?

russiantipsMany foreign men are interested whether Russian women are demanding or not. Well, yes and no! Yes, because they have their needs to be met and no, because they are very patient and enduring. They are very loyal, devoted, self-giving and understandable that they can concentrate on other needs. Because of a low social level in their countries Russian and FSU women are used to live in tough conditions. Don’t get surprised if you see a Russian woman coping with all the problems on her own on a daily basis. They are as strong as the rocks, but at the same time very tender and fragile. They need a real man to relax and be a woman. So, first what they expect from men is support, leadership, maintenance and taking responsibilities in family life.

Russian women psychology is different from the one of Western women. They are very open and not reserved. They like sharing problems with their men and take active participations in the problems of their husbands and beloved people. Russian women expect you be ready to listen to them, support them and help when needed.

They are no feminists and like to wear sexy stylish clothes emphasizing their femininity. So, take a chance and give Real Russian women compliments, they expect this, however, don’t overdo here, otherwise you risk to look insincere.

Russian women are very family-oriented. They treasure family values and men’s attitude to family is crucial for them. Russian women expect men to love their wives, kids and be able to provide for the whole family. It is not because they cannot do this by themselves or are lazy, but because they see it as the responsibility of a ‘real’ man.

Russian women like gentlemen. They appreciate generous men, but at the same time don’t like money wasters. If you speak about money all they time a Russian woman will consider you mercantile.

Russian women also expect their men taking initiative. Think of her leisure – organize events and pleasantly surprise her.

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