The main facts about Russian women

It’s not a secret that Russian woman are popular all over the world a lot of men dream about creating family with such a beauty. But what do you know about Russian women and what are the main features of their character? The answer for this question you will find at

There is no other civilization, where a woman plays such a role as in Russian. The Lord gave us a woman, so that she would embrace us, warm us, cover us from misfortune, feed us and put us to bed. In her arms we forget about everything in the world. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, Russian woman often torments men, prevents them from engaging in their pointless deeds, resists their weaknesses and desire to spend money as they want. In her presence, men should not relax for a second, devoting their lives to her needs.

The mystical power of a Russian woman includes her intuition and the ability to foresee. Other women have this, too, but they are accustomed to make calculations, and therefore they do not trust themselves. A Russian woman knows exactly what she will find in any place and what brilliant consequences this will bring.

A Russian woman enters man’s life on a sunny spring morning, slim, light, slightly smiling. The sun shines through her hair and clothes. She conquers man at the first glance – and disappears so that he can fully enjoy despair until she is near him. And when she appears again, a man desires to stay with her.

But how many types of Russian girl do you know?

  1. Beautiful and simple. All males in fact often are obsessed by slightly stupid girls, who are interesting in: men, make up, entertainment, gossip, celebrities, pop-music, pets and so on. With such a lady every man can feel like super genius, smart and strong creature.
  2. Russian beauties. It’s about girls who have very strong and hard character. Very often such women try to find weak man in order to rule him. Sometimes this type of women is really afraid of serious relationships and family, but they do not want to admit it. They try to solve all the problems in business, daily life, help their friends and parents… but at the same time they do not pay attention at the feelings of their men, and very often refuse them in sex.russian best women
  3. This type of girls is very special. They try to be independent but domestic at the same time. They are kind and smart, but never let the man to be their master. These ladies always keep apartment clean, and try to cook the most delicious dishes. But such girls, unfortunately, are always helpless in difficult life issues, and can not live without strong man’s shoulder.
  4. This type of woman is simply devastating for a man. A female predator always believes that once a man is near her, he is simply obligated to fulfill all her desires. This category of women has endless claims, impudence, as well as hysterics, and they usually want only money. Such a woman, as a rule, is also smart, so that while a man can recognize her essence, he may already become the father of her children.
  5. Modest women. It’s just the embodiment of men’s dreams, because these women are caring, sympathetic and noble. Such a woman can earn good money and at the same time feed the man with delicious dinners, forgiving him for such vices as scandals, drunkenness and even treason. Guys like modest girls, they usually do not complain about fate, but just silently shed tears, forgiving the man almost everything.


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