The essence of the Ukrainian woman’s personality

nikolaevwomensJust like all the Slavic women, Ukrainian women are gorgeous. They have light hair and light eyes, long legs and beautiful smiles. However, Ukrainian women are not just pretty Barbies. They are clever and sophisticated women, who have their own thinking and opinion on various subjects. Nevertheless, it will be wrong to call them emancipated, as they tend to like the conventional type of families, where husband is the leader of the family and wife is his right hand, a hostess and a mother.

Just like Russian women, Ukrainian ladies like to cook and are capable of preparing absolutely delicious dishes with just a couple of ingredients. In Ukraine and in all the former USSR countries, dining outside the house is extremely expensive. For example MacDonald’s is a commonly known fast food, which offers affordable prices in western countries, but due to the fact that in Ukraine wages are too low, going to this fast food bistro is equal to going to moderate priced restaurant.

That is why people dine outside only on special occasions and events. They prefer homemade food and girls are taught from the early childhood how to prepare tasty dinner without wasting a fortune. By the way, Ukrainian wives never find it offensive if their husbands ask them to prepare something to eat. They will be glad to do it, as there even exists a saying that «the way to the man’s heart goes through his stomach».

Ukrainian women are moderately independent and are capable of supporting themselves and their parents. Greater part of them, have higher education, as it is impossible to find a decent job otherwise. Sometimes, when money is needed, they can even take a couple of jobs. Although some of them prefer not to work at all and dedicate themselves to household and children.sexynikwomens

Unlike Russian men, Ukrainian men don’t drink that much, however the differences between them end here, as the Ukrainian men take their women for granted, just like the Russian ones. This is actually a great problem for women, because in spite of the fact that they are devoted wives and patient mothers, they wish to be appreciated, talked to and respected.

This is one of the reasons why they address marriage agencies in search of the better men to spend their lives with. Ukrainian women will try as hard as they can to save the marriage, but if they see that their attempts go in vain they will leave and will never come back.

If you made up your mind to marry or have a serious relationship with Ukrainian woman you can be sure that you will win on so many levels: you will have a gorgeous, but loyal wife, who will always take your side and try to create a great image of you behind your back. You will eat tasty homemade food, live in clean and comfortable house and your kids will be happy and healthy. Nevertheless you will have to invest in this relationship, too. You’ll need to make compliments on the food your wife is cooking for you; on her outlook and on how happy you are that she is your wife. Occasional small gift or flowers will make you look like a prince in her eyes.

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