The Dos of Russian Women Dating

The relationships are very fragile at their initial stage. If you are not cautious, it is very easy to break them. Sticking to certain rules, it will be easier to maintain your relationship and get to the moment of marriage in your life.
So, the dos in a relationship with a Russian woman:
Make your Russian woman no.1 in your life. Your career and your friends are a good thing, but show your Russian woman you love her and care first of all about her. Yes, we all need time for privacy, but keep in mind that Russian women are very vulnerable to such things as you not calling all day long or when you meet you give just a hug. Russian woman requires more of your attention and you need to prove it also matters for you.
Surprise your Russian lady. The gifts and surprises would be beneficial for your relationship. The things shouldn’t be expensive, since it is more about the attention and not the money.
Show your respect towards your Russian lady. Behave as gentleman, be polite and cautious. Ill-bred and rude men are not in favor of Russian women. You need to know Russian culture and be well-mannered, don’t forget opening the door in front of her, help her with the coat, chair, etc.
Compliment and praise your Russian lady for the things she does for you, even small ones. Even if something went not the way you like, appreciate her efforts, encourage and admire her. However, do this sincerely.
Remember significant dates: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc. However, give your care to her every day.
Listen to her attentively. Even if you don’t agree with anything, listen to her views and opinions with patience. Don’t interrupt your Russian lady, especially when she is emotional.
The majority of Russian women like when their men touch them. Thus, they feel your tenderness and attention, so make sure your Russian girlfriend gets this.
The list can go on, but the idea is to do all that can prove your love, care and attention for your Russian beloved!