The Don’ts of Russian Women Dating

Starting a relationship with a Russian lady you wouldn’t like to spoil the whole thing with a wrong behavior, right? For this you need to learn more about Russian culture, in general and your Russian lady, in particular. The following don’ts of dating with Russian women would help you in your relationship with a Russian girl. Avoiding such behavior and situations, you are on a safe side from destroying a relationship with your gorgeous Russian bride.
Don’ts in a relationship with a Russian woman:

Never crack jokes or make fun of your Russian woman.

Never act rude or vulgar. Russian girls are insulted hearing vulgar words.

Always wear clean and tidy clothes and smell well. A bad odor will spoil the whole impression about you. Don’t make your Russian girl feel uncomfortable, even if you consider you look great. Make sure your shoes are polished as Russian women instantly notice dirty shoes.

Don’t gaze at other women as Russian women get hurt when your attention is not at them. Russian woman wants to feel the only one for you. Be restrain in this respect, especially when you are with her.

Don’t talk much. Russian women consider it is women’s prerogative to be talkative. Women cannot stand talkative man, who doesn’t allow inserting any word in the conversation.

Never stay focused on your personality only. There are many events, achievements, opinions to be discussed. Sometimes, men think that the only thing that matters is their world and women should agree on this. It won’t work with a Russian woman.

Don’t leave Russian woman alone with her household duties. It is a common responsibility to take care of the place you live in. Both partners are equal that is why all house work should be shared.

Never insult or beat you Russian lady, once done so, you will forget about passion in bed with her.

Never give promises you cannot keep. A Russian woman will hardly believe you next time.

For sure, the list is not complete and all women are different. They will behave differently in the same situations. That is why also don’t forget about the personal approach to a woman of your dreams.