Taxi Tips for those, who Meet Girls in Kiev

Meet Girls in Kiev

If you are a Western man, who has met Ukrainian woman from Kiev and wants to come to this city to visit his bride, then this article is for you. When you meet your Ukrainian special one, you would like to take most of your time. It doesn’t matter whether you stay for a week or for a month in the capital of Ukraine, efficient transportation will allow you enjoying more dates, visit famous sightseeing places and enjoy your international travelling experience with your Ukrainian beloved. In the present article you will learn how to take much of your journey and not being ripped of by local taxi drivers. Thus, you would be able to meet girls in Kiev not wasting your precious time and not getting bankrupt.

The most popular and inexpensive way to travel from one city to another is travelling by train, but for shorter distance travelling and touring around the city, taxi is the easiest way to go. You won’t have to find nearby stations, wait in lines, get into the crowded busses or trains, but simply enjoy your way from one destination to another. This will also save you from finding where the venue you are heading to is located. Remember the following handy tips.

There are two kinds of taxis in Ukraine. There are official taxis with special signs that work for taxi companies and there are private drivers, who are not working for any special service, but offer you a car ride to have some extra money. It is strongly recommended to stick with the official taxi services as it is a safer and more affordable way of transportation.

When you see an official taxi on the road, you should stick your arm straight, this will be an indication you need a ride. It is a great idea to have the name of your destination or its address written down in Russian or Ukrainian so that the driver would understand where he should drive you. Before you need to agree on a price, so it is better show a twenty Hrivana banknote (local money) and ask if this is enough. Make it as simple as you can simply by asking: “ok?” Remember to always agree on a price before the ride.

Here are the approximate costs for a taxi ride in Kiev: a short ride is about twenty Hrivnas  ($4), a ride up to half an hour is about fifty Hrivnas ($10) and a ride from the center of the capital city to the airport is one hundred fifty Hrivnas ($30).
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When you meet girls in Kiev, and you need a taxi ride to meet them at certain destinations, it is wise to call a taxi company to arrange a ride, but this is n case you have someone, who speaks Russian or English. If you are staying at the hotel, you can ask at the reception for a taxi. Make sure you know the price before you sit in a taxi. However, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, get ready to pay some extra money.

If the weather is nice the best alternative to taxi is walking around the city to admire its architecture, culture, take photographs and exercise a little bit.