Russian Women – Look through Different Eyes

There is a lot of information about Russian women on the web. There are also many myths and beliefs on them that are numerous and rather controversial. It is very hard to give an objective opinion on Russian women, since Russia is a big country and Russian women are not the same. They are also unique as personalities; however, they still have common qualities.

Russian men about Russian women

Russian men like Russian women’s submissiveness, sensitivity and responsiveness. They treasure Russian women as they are great mothers and wives.  The majority of Russian women are very devoted and faithful wives and their Russian husbands treasure them for this.

Another thing Russian men find great about Russian women is their focus on family as no. 1 priority in life. Being great mothers quality stands on the second place in Russian woman’s significance for Russian men.

Their beautiful appearance occupies the third place on Russian men’s list. Russian men also mention that Russian women lack any logic and this is their own logic. 😉

Foreign women about Russian women

Foreign women see Russian women in the light of high competition. Many foreign women blame Russian girls for their weak moral principles, but agree that Slavic ladies have unique appearance. American women look at Russian women as not emancipated.

Foreign men about Russian women

Foreign men adore Russian women because they are beautiful, feminine; have strong will, brave behavior, sincerity, openness, kindheartedness and sensitiveness. Many foreign men like Russian women emotional nature. Russian ladies are appreciated for their intellect and good education. Some foreign men mention Russian girl’s creativity and invention.

Russian women themselves treasure their appearance first, then their femininity, they family-oriented nature and all the qualities that go with it, intelligence and responsibility.