How Hard It IS to Overcome the Language Barrier When Corresponding with Russian Ladies?

freewomensMost of Russian women are well-educated and know at least Basic English. It can be rather difficult to communicate with her at first stage, if only she didn’t attend language school or English courses, etc., but it really gets better with time. Russian women are working hard to be able to communicate with you, if they are interested, be sure! So, if you know your Russian girl’s English is pretty limited, make sure you use simple words and avoid using fancy words, slang and idioms. Make sure the words you use can be found in dictionary.

No doubt any language is learnt easier and faster when it is practiced with someone (especially someone pleasant and dear ;-)), so try to write as frequent as you can and encourage her to learn English. Bear in mind you won’t be able to use translators’ service all the tie. You need time for privacy as well, right? Moreover, this will save your funds and time that is also very important.

As statistics shows, Russian women are able to speak English after a year spent in an English speaking country or community. However, if she reads only Russian books, watches Russian TV programs and channels, communicates with Russian friends and you try to speak only Russian with her, don’t wait she will speak English or any other language.

Be ready that even if your Russian bride has perfect English, she will need to get used to slangy words and phrases and accent. She is not a native speaker and getting into the new society, country, and surroundings will be added to the language barrier stress. Be patient and help you Russian bride learn English or other language of your country. Always keep in mind that your marriage will become so much easier and interesting when language is not an issue.

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