Having a romantic evening- “Russian style”. The do’s and don’ts


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A lot of not married ladies think that life after marriage is filled only with the pleasant moments, and that all of ordinary things, house and working duties, all of the tiredness vanish and go to the backstage plan as soon as the lady sees her wonderful one and only beloved soul mate coming home, and she forgets about everything while he wraps her in his hands. But it is not quite the way it really happens in the real life.

Yes on the beginning of the family life you cannot believe how happy you are, and you cannot get enough of looking upon each other, you are in a hurry way back home in order to meet your other half as soon as possible and to share with her or him the latest news, some things that made you happy or sad today and possibly bringing some small but very pleasant romantic surprise as a present.

But it is not quite true, this kind of moment exists but I repeat that it doesn’t last for too long time that you are living with your husband or soul mate. In the case when after finishing some period of life various married couples, everything happens in a different way. Of course the feelings do not disappear; they are simply becoming less important and less cherished till the time when they are going to the backstage plan there they stay in the shadow of life’s ordinary problems.

Your spouse is not telling you of his feelings that often anymore, and you are not thinking about that so much anymore. The house, family, the work and children are a sort of a barrier on the way of your relationships and feelings.inrussianwomens

According to the opinion of the family psychologists, in order not to allow your feelings to calm down and in order to fill them, a family couple is supposed at least for a day and not more to go somewhere abroad or into another city in order to spent some quality time while enjoying each other.

You are able not only to chill down from all of the family duties and responsibilities, but also to enjoy the happy romantic moments while feeling young again. Any moment you are able to make love, as you have enough time in order to listen, and the most important thing hear each other, and you do not need to think that you forgot feeding the cats, or didn’t walked with the dog.

In general together with the beloved husband you are resting from all of the problems and sad things that collapsed on your shoulders during the time of mutual life as a married couple.

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