Top Ten Tips for Russian Online Dating

If you are completely unaware about the whole online dating thing, you need to begin step by step; there are hundreds of things to remember and do, but that does not mean that it is hell lot of a task to find a date online. When it comes to Russian online dating, you have to be a little careful about who you choose to talk to from the list of all those friend-requests that pop up as soon as you login to your account. Continue reading

How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Alive

Michael Arrick, relationship specialist tells us about the possibility of keeping a long distance relationship alive. People in love who are far away from each other face this issue. Continue reading

Complete Review on Blendr

200 million people use Blendr application for gadgets. It is very modern one that includes GPS, with its help you can fine members of this app, who are in your neighborhood or in the same area as you. Continue reading